Filter based on a control that is also a filter based on another control


I have a list of devices with corresponding operating systems (devices have multiple entires- one for each OS supported). I also have a list of app versions that are supported on certain OSes on certain devices.

I have a control (multiple select) that has a list of devices (filter_device). I then made a control (mult select) of operating systems that filters based on the device selected (filter_OS). So if I choose iPhone for filter_device, only the iOS versions are listed in filter_OS.

I have a table with device, os, app version all listed. I am able to filter the table based on filter_device without any issue. The issue I am having is filtering a table based on filter_OS. I don’t think it likes that I am trying to filter on something that already is a filtering control.

Any ideas? I like the idea of filter_OS only showing the relevant OS versions, but then I cant use that control as a filter for my table, which I need.


I’ve built some complex filtering systems, so I’m confident that what you want is doable. If you want to share your doc or a mocked up sample doc, I’ll jump in and take a look at it.


I need your email in order to give you access because of the permissions we have set up.


What formula are you using for this?


Let’s start with this:

The [OS] column Select list formula returns columns:
[all devices/OS].[Operating Systems]

The filter_OS returns rows:
filter([all devices/OS],Device.Contains(filter_device))

The table filter condition is trying to match columns to rows (apples to oranges):
Matches(OS, filter_OS)

Try changing the [OS] column Select list formula to:
[all devices/OS]

This should match rows to rows (apples to apples).

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Doesn’t seem to change anything.

So it is working now but it doesnt seem to recognize the data from my master tables as the same values in the drop down. I am manually fixing that now

This helped. Thanks!

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