Filtering on User-Specific Views

I’m new to Coda. In this video, the instructor suggests filtering on owner is equal to the “current user.” When I filter on my view, I don’t have the option to filter owner based on current user. I’m new to Coda and would be so appreciative of any assistance. coda filter owner is current user - Google Search

Hey @Kiersten_Clements! You’ll need to make sure you have a People column type set up first. Then, when you head into the table’s filtering options, you’ll select that people column to use for the filter, and you’ll see the current user selection like in that video. Here’s an example, where the name of my People column is just “People” (rather than Owner for example, like in the video).
Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 1.55.48 PM

That worked! Thank you.


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