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Hi! This should be easy but just isn’t working.

I have a table with a list of Regions- used as a global reference. I have another table for Use Case Availability - a list of use cases and an Available column which lists the Regions in which this use case is available.

SO I want two selectors so that I can quickly lookup a Use Case and a Region and get true / false for ‘is this use case available in this region’?

selector: useCaseSelect ; selectable items: Use case availability.Use case
selector: regionSelect ; selectable items: Regions.Region

Formula: If( IN( regionSelect, ([Use case availability].Filter([Use case] = useCaseSelect).Available).split(",")), "Available", "Not available")

This seems to work for the first item in the resultant list, but not others. Eg the list from Use Case Availability table ~= CAN, IRL, GER and this only works where regionSelect = CAN

I’ve added .split(",")because the list from the table automatically comes out with references, eg @CAN, @IRL.

Any suggestions? Many thanks!

hi @Jenni_Ajderian , welcome!
can you share a dummy doc with in one column the desired outcome. The community members then can have a look.
Cheers, Christiaan

Hi Christiaan, here you go:

It seems like this formula works for the first item in a list, but not others. But I thought the In operator was supposed to test the whole list? Sure there’s a simple fix!

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hi @Jenni_Ajderian

as you can see in the doc I created a filter that outputs the value

I also added two things

  • I turned a list into a table and gave it for fun some colors
  • I added a value column to use for presentation purposes, as such you don’t reference the display column (Name) but the value one which looks better

Does this help?

Cheers, Christiaan

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Hi Christiaan,

Thanks for that- not quite what I had in mind, I’m looking for the other way around. I think I’ve solved it:

Instead of a selector I should have been using a lookup. Lookups read the whole row of a table, and you select by the ‘display column’ of that table. So I needed to change the Use Case column of Use Case Availability to be the display column. That way I can select by use case, and read across to the Available column.

Splitting the use cases into a separate list does work for the selector, but not for this lookup solution as the availability information is in a separate table.

Thanks for your help, always good to get a second pair of eyes! Leaving this solution up in case it helps anyone else.

hi @Jenni_Ajderian , is there eat breakfast available in CAN? As far as I can see, not

my suggestion is to use this one:

Cheers, Christiaan

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