Find Unique Matches in Another Table

Right now I’m having a problem where non-unique names show up when they should not.

Notice Mar Hershenson shows up twice. How do I avoid this?

Quick hint: take that filter expression and make it a column formula. Everywhere where that is true, the row will be included in the filter. This post has a walkthrough of how to think about a filter expression: Using Slice to limit the rows in a view (return Top n rows)

To show only unique names, you will need to add a column that figures out the rank of a column among it’s dupes, and filter to only the first one. There’s a related (though not totally the same) example here: Creating a button to identify & remove duplicate rows

Happy to help write the formula for this if you’d like?


Nah, I got it. Great way to do it, thank you.

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