Fix Iphone app please

I would like to suggest that CODA fix the iphone app. Since I enter it in bugs all the time I thought maybe a suggestion might reach somebody else. The text formatting does not work. There is 2 billion Apple devices now and if you use Coda on any of them you can not even make text bold. I have asked customer service over and over again and submitted bug request after bug request. I can not understand how something this huge has not gotten even an ounce of managements attention.

20+ bugs in one for 2 billion Apple products CODAS largest customer base - Apple iphone for close to a year the text formatting does not work on all Iphones and Ipads.
The bug also will not allow the use of
Bullet List
Number List
Toggle list
Block Quote
Pull Quote
Code Block
Text Color
Text Alignment
Linking Text
And many more features…

They say its not a priority I say nobody is telling the owner of the company. because he would want it fixed. You are spending marketing dollars sending people to download the Coda app and the Coda app has a bug that nobody on Apple can format any text. Wasted money. Lost opportunity.

I am going to go ahead and just say it right here -Terrible management decision not doing something about this. If it was my company I would have that fixed before the suns comes up tomorrow because I want all those new users. Spend tens of millions of dollars developing an amazing app and have a bug make it almost useless for its intended purpose. Then not do anything about the bug for almost 1 year. Priorities Priorities… How much lost and wasted money…

Alright I hope that gets your attention!!!


Seconded! Can’t drag / drop kanban cards on the iPad version of the app. :frowning:

With the right overhaul, the coda app could easily be a Notion competitor!
Really hope the Coda team realizes the potential.