Add text formatting to iPhone and iPad App - it does't work

I have a suggestion. Since I have been asking to have this fixed for 8 months with no concern from management. Maybe you can put it on the new development list as a brand new project since you never fix bugs. Call it add text formatting on Apple products. Because the text formatting has a bug and has had one for close to a year. It would take half a day to fix it.

Its like 20 bugs in one because 20 items just on editing of a doc don’t work but any other item you have to do by selecting text does not work either

But lets not do that lets spend months on a new project that maybe 2% of people will use where 100% of the people can not even highlight text on the app and make it bold.

The bug also will not allow the use of
Bullet List
Number List
Toggle list
Block Quote
Pull Quote
Code Block
Text Color
Text Alignment
Linking Text

I think there is some more.

I talk to customer support they say we have lots of issues come in and have to prioritize them.

How could this not make the cut in 8-12 months.

This suggestion box has formatting on an iphone that CODA does not.