Format select list looks differant

Im new to Coda so bare with me. when downloading samples i noticed that the format of select list is not comma deliminated. Rather looks like a table. if i edit it and go back to the options , they appear as comma delim string. Why is that?

Dear @Aaron_Westberg,

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I just double checked myself, and in my case this issue is not appearing.

Does this happen in all your docs?

I reccomend to contact and share your doc for the Codans to be reviewed.
I am sure you will get a.s.a.p. proper support

It happens on the sample doc i downloaded from Coda help section on using Buttons.

The “delete dupes” doc . State column.

All of my docs I create never show this type of format for list. I didn’t know if there was a newer version of coda or something I was unaware of .

Dear @Aaron_Westberg,

To reproduce your issue, I tried to open the “Button Starter Kit” template, but somehow it doesn’t load
@evan , would you mind to check your template to see what’s going on?:handshake:

It might be that one of the updates has broken this template :no_entry: