Forms that can be created easily

At our company, some team members find it difficult to add data directly in tables. We need to create a form for them they can use to input data easily into tables, without breaking data.

This is an example of how Airtable does it:


@Raul_San_N.H The current hack to creating a form is using a view of the table that filters out data once you have entered in the data. I created a template here (see the Enter Costs section) where there is one line of the table (the view) that acts as the form. It’s nowhere near as user-friendly as regular forms but gets the job done.

@preeyanka mentioned a Zapier integration which will probably be the quickest way to get forms up and running similar to the integration between Quip and Google Forms.


Thank you for sharing the video and form @Al_Chen.

That way of hacking the form is not as intuitive as the UX of a typical form. We are trying but some of our employees don’t find it intuitive and keep complaining about the UX.

A Zapier integration with Typeform would be great.

Thank you again!

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Could Zapier work for you here? The main limitation I see is the ability to populate choices in the form, otherwise you can get it to work.

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Yes, we were able to do this with Typeform and Zapier.

Ideally we could create the forms with Coda but I’m sure the product will get there at one point. This team moves pretty fast.

You also can try this:

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Agree, one that looks like airtable’s form feature. Coda is eating quite a lot of resource, so it sure takes more time to load a whole docs compared to load single page of form.

For example, I record my expenses in Coda docs. Everytime I make a financial expense, I open my finance docs just to add some rows to some tables in that docs. If we can make a form easily from a table, it will save up a quite significant amount of time!

In addition, I can’t use zapier, because the information I enter contains dynamic data (like selection of users who have a debt)

Dear @Kenji_Prahyudi

You are 100% right and the Codans even agree on it.
I assume it’s just a question of time for the developers to be able to work this out.

Although not ideal, for the time being you can see if the “Typeform” pack is useful for your case, otherwise like my brother, he just makes a small not at the first page, and when behind the laptop, he adds the expense / note in the right place. :thinking:

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