Formula to link to section

I have created an automation that duplicates a section at 9am every Monday, what I would like to do now is follow that up by generating a hyperlink to to the new section. Ideally I would like to include this in a slack message and add it to a table, but the part I’m stuck on right now is how to link to a section.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

I managed to create a link to a section using:
(thisDocument.Url() + '/' + Today().RegexReplace('/','-') + '-weekly-catch-up')
However the problem is that this uses Today() so the date in the section url is todays date not the date in the section title.

I don’t have this worked out all the way but my mind goes to stashing the URL in a table as part of the automation?

So you would have a table of links, and every Monday your automation would create a section and also add a row to that table, setting the URL column value to (thisDocument.Url() + '/' + Today().RegexReplace('/','-') + '-weekly-catch-up')

And then you could send a slack message with linksTable.URL.Last() to grab the most-recently generated URL