Full Account Crash

Hi Coda community,

Last week while testing Coda’s new embed feature (and specifically testing embeds of docs from other accounts that I own/admin, my doc AND account crashed. I can’t even log into my basic docs list or access any doc. Its effectively shut down all productivity in coda for myself and my clients.

Unfortunately the “talk to a human” help feature also does allow me to talk to a human?



Hi @Nate_Gerber2 :blush: !

At the bottom of the Intercom menu which, I guess, opened up when you clicked on Talk to a human, there’s a Messages option.
If you click on it, you’ll see something like Ask our bot a question somewhere… and if you click on that, a new chat will be open where you’ll be able to describe the issue you’re currently encountering :blush:

@Nate_Gerber2 Does this always happen after a sign in?

The error gives away a feeling that something about your sign in got cached wrong. Your user ID is that six digit number, but somewhere in the system it cannot be found (hence -1 as a magic number for not found in a list)

Until the support replies, you can try:

  • clearing all cache for coda.io in your browser
  • signing in from a new clean browser profile (or incognito mode)
  • signing in from a different browser
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Thanks all.

@Paul_Danyliuk Yes, it does - but signing in from an incognito browser seems to work.

Still, there may be value and learnings in troubleshooting this on my main browser. I’ll test clearing cache and look to see if there are factors involved around the mismatching user authorization. Will report back by next week.

@Pch Thank you as well. As it happens, this “ask our bot a question” element doesn’t seem to be showing up in the messages tab or anywhere else for me currently. Not sure why as I’ve used it many times in the past… Perhaps this is a separate issue?

Hmmm :thinking:
This might be effectively linked to your current issue :pensive: :confused:
I mean, if there’s a mismatching auth issue, I guess Intercom can’t find your account either :confused:

You can still contact the Support by email though: support@coda.io :blush: !

That would make a lot of sense - I imagine this would be a good UX dependency to note somewhere. Maybe the “Talk to a Human” button flow can be extended with “email support” and “Ask the Community” buttons as well.


Hi @Nate_Gerber2 . So sorry to see that our messenger isn’t working properly for you to get in touch with our Support team. Are you still having this issue? If so, please let me know and I can work with you privately on getting our messenger up and running for you again. Just to confirm, did the messenger work for you properly in the past?

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