Function for CSV Generation/Export

+1 This would be a great feature to have and would get used daily by me.

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A way to Share/Publish a URL with a CSV version of a table. The resulting URL could be used with Google Sheet’s ImportHtml or ImportData (and Excel’s equivalent).

I was toying around with the idea of exporting CSV using some black magic and custom packs: (24)

I even managed to get it to render as an attachment in the end:


It’s not as good as a native export would be but it could be an interim replacement. If there’s enough demand (e.g. if everyone who wants a template that does this subs to my Patreon for December) I’ll finish and publish it, just like I did it this month with the duplicate finder & merger template (btw I did this CSV export as a byproduct of that merger one)


I also think this is an important feature that is missing from Coda so I made a tool that allows you to make a button in your Coda doc that will export a table to Excel or CSV. The website is Hope this helps!


That’s nice @Courtney_Milligan1 !

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Thanks @Hendrik_TnB! If you end up using it and have any suggestion for it, let me know!

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I’ve used the site but there is only one problem for me. The CSV contain information written in a way that can’t be read by other apps, like the duration in hours or minutes. So for me it’s useless as I have a lot of duration columns… Thanks anyway for your work.

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Hi @Alexandru_Dan! Thanks for the feedback. I hadn’t tested it out with a duration column but I see what you mean now. The table data comes from the Coda API, so I’m guessing this issue is the same for others using the API. Personally, I agree that a duration that gets formatted as a String with hours and minutes is not useful as well. It would be great if the Coda API could have a parameter for desired output format for certain column types. Perhaps someone from Coda can provide input on this?

Also, for anyone interested, I’ve created a Coda Pack that you can add to your doc to export tables to CSV or a few different Excel formats


Hey Courtney, I was trying your pack, but it tells me there is a problem with docName although I put it in in quoatitions. Can you help me?
CleanShot 2022-05-13 at 18.49.10

Hey @Tomislav_Mamic! What is the error you’re getting exactly? Can you please screenshot it?