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Dear Coda community!

Our school districts have a problem, and I have offered to solve it with Coda. Namely, we are about half a dozen schools with about 1000 students. The school districts would like to offer an uncomplicated platform for trial apprenticeships for students (trial apprenticeships are mandatory for students in Switzerland). At the moment, this is a very time-consuming and manual process. The companies report the vacancies to the schools and the administration enters them in Excel files, which are then processed differently after each school. In short: very complex, error-prone, time-consuming and laborious. I have therefore come up with a solution using Coda that looks like this. I would be very happy to receive feedback on what I could improve!

Overall process flow for the trial teaching platform

Step 1: Entry of trial apprenticeship positions by training companies

  1. Entry without login: Training companies enter their open taster apprenticeship positions using a Coda form without login.
  2. Confirmation e-mail: After the entry, the companies receive a confirmation e-mail with a summary and an individual link to a correction form.
  3. Correction options: Using this correction form, training companies can edit or delete their entries, controlled by a unique Epoch Time ID.

Step 2: Public overview and selection of trial apprenticeships

  1. Filterable view for apprentices: Learners can find the registered jobs in one view, accessible via their school Microsoft 365 account, with filtering options after occupations.
  2. Expression of interest: Learners register their interest in a position with their class teacher.
  3. Notification of teachers: Class teachers are notified by email when a student is interested in a position.
  4. Approval by teachers: Teachers can approve the application in a special view that only shows their students.

Step 3: Application process for students

  1. Activation of the application button: After approval by the teacher, students can acitvate the application-button in the same view like before.
  2. Submission of the application: Learners send their application, including the required documents, directly to the company.

Step 4: Feedback and confirmation from the training company

  1. Notification of the company: The company receives the application documents and a link to a form to confirm or reject the apprenticeship.
  2. Confirmation process: Upon confirmation, the teacher, student and company receive a final confirmation e-mail.
  3. Status update: The status of the apprenticeship is set to “assigned” and filtered out of all views.

Automations based on New entry by form submission then press button
Automatic confirmation e-mail when a new entry is created

  • If a new entry (trial apprenticeship) is created without a correction ID, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the company.

Automated processing via the correction form:

  • If an entry is edited via the correction form with a correction ID, the automation searches for the corresponding entry in the table.

  • The data in the table is then automatically updated with the new data entered in the correction form, provided the fields are not empty.

  • Automatic deletion and filtering out:

  • If a deletion is initiated via the correction form, the status of the entry changes to “deleted”.

  • Entries with deleted status are filtered out of all views.

Status update on application confirmation:

  • When a company confirms an application with the confirmation form, the status of the corresponding apprenticeship position in the table is automatically set to “awarded”.
  • “Awarded” positions are also automatically removed from the general views via filter.

Do you see any potential sources of error or opportunities for improvement/simplification? Thank you!

Hey @Huber_Stefan_Werner , thanks for reaching out! For building help, we recommend checking out our Experts Directory. Our experts can be found here!: Hire a Coda expert, connect with a Coda expert - Coda

If you are looking for general Coda training, we host live weekly demos that I’d love to invite you to. You can reserve your spot here!

In addition, as you start to get more familiar with Coda, below are some resources you’ll find helpful:

  1. Coda Courses for video courses to build along with our experts
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  3. The Gallery tab for inspiration and templates

Please let us know if there’s anything I can do to support you during your Coda journey!

Happy building!

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