Generate an email report every 6 months

Hey Coda fam!

I’m working on a CRM for a gym. This gym has the particular rule that you have to sign up in 6-month intervals. The challenge here is that I’d like to send the customer an email reminder to renew their membership around a month before the 6-moth deadline.

If the customer does renew, then a new reminder should arrive a month prior to the next billing date.

Any ideas?

I can think of an automation ( or maybe two) that runs daily ( say at 9am) and checks renewal status and renewal date and expiration date.
If renewal status is true ( they renewed) and renewal date is Today() + 30 then send reminder.
If renewal status is false and expiration date is Today() + 30 then send reminder

And don’t forget to keep track of who the emails got sent to already (to prevent duplicate emails going out). I use a “Last Email Date” column for this.

Interesting… could you elaborate?