Get progress bar value from one worksheet to the other

I’m starting creating a different worksheet for every project involving external developers, so I can share with them all the details and task lists with progress bar

And also an issue list with chart

But want also to have an internal worksheet tracking all projects with their progress in term of features and issues

So wanted to ask how is possible to link the progress bar of the single rows with the specific progress bars in other worksheets

Hey Davide!
This is a really simplified example of how you can use formulas to connect progress bars on different pages to a progress bar column in a table, but should get you unstuck on this:
Take a look and give it a shot for yourself :+1:

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Hi Nicole
thanks for this, but my problem is the progress value I need to get is in a different document, not in a different page.
There is a way referring a value in another document.

Hey @Davide_Z,

You could use the Cross-Doc pack to pull in the data/table you are looking for then just have a progress bar allocated to that data.

You could also isolate the data with locking and then page embed the data into the primary doc.
Here is a great article on that as well.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Dan_Demers thanks for this
All of this discussion would be not necessary if would be possible to share a page with an external user, instead of being allowed only to share a complete document.

I have created a new document due I will need to share his content (feature requirements with completed mark, advancement, list of issues) with an external developer.

Having had the possibility to share a page I would have had the option using the method suggested by @Nicole_Macdonald , so have a single master document I use to control all the projects, and having subpages for every project shared with external users.

Returning to your suggested way, unfortunatelly seems Cross-Dock pack only allow me to pull the table, not the progress bar, the same as page embed. In the summary doc I didn’t want to pull all the projects activities tables (it’s a summary doc after all), except if I maybe can hide them but still use their data.

Looking at the progress bar I want to get the value from, has a formula like

My question is if is possible to apply this formula in a progress bar, but referring a table that’s in another document

Hey @Davide_Z ,

Completely agree with you, and we’ll add your request to our Feature Request list so that we can capture your vote for it. I do think it would help a great deal in your use case.

Totally understand if the new full page embed won’t give you what you are looking for as well, but I wanted to make sure we cover all the options for you :smile:

At this time creating a progress bar referring to a table in another document is not supported. We’ll get that feature request logged for now, and thank you for posting on the community!

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