Gmail sending multiple emails when in Automation

I have an automation running that uses the Gmail pack to send an email to two specific people using two different Gmail::SendEmail() actions in the automation. The automation is running off of a row change. I’ll change the row, and the emails send as they should, which is great. But every now and then, it’ll send the email twice. I don’t know why it does this, and it seems to do it randomly. I feel like it has to do with lag in the system or something, as automations can often take up to a minute to complete their tasks. Is there a fix for this? Or a way to work around this problem?

Hi @Kevin_Lin,

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This does sound odd with it happening sporadically and not consistently. If it happens again, you can open the automation and click on “Activity” and then drill down to the specific one to see if it logs it happening twice. If you see something different from the other times it fires, you could post a screenshot here for us to check out or you could write in to Coda Support with the info and share the doc there.