Granular Permissions

These are great notes on what the wants are for permissions and also great use-case examples. There are quite a few questions about how to handle the smaller details of permissions like these and some solutions take more work than others. These examples give us a good direction to work with though.

Thank you all for the feedback!

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FYI @Ed_Liveikis you can have bidirectional cross-doc already. Not ready for prime time yet and not widely announced, but not hidden either and kinda works (see gotchas):

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Great @Paul_Danyliuk - yes I’d like to do the master, single-schema data sources common project management data structures that can store all goals, tasks etc for all projects, and the have filtered views within projects with permissions ensuring that only the project-specific data is available to permissioned users.

One major goal this would help solve is a master “My tasks” list that can pull data from any project. This is also something that is not possible Notion at all - so a competitive advantage opportunity for Coda.

I’ll probably wait until this is ready for prime time, at least for now since I’m also knee-deep in learning all the other basics, and I have the option to “push” project-specific data up to a aggregated (modifyOrUpdate) table via buttons, as illustrated in the post:

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