Having problems while adding rows

Hi guys!

Like I state in the title, I am having some problems while adding rows to a chart by using automations. The problem is that instead of adding the row once, it is adding it at least 3-4 times on the same place. Does someone know the reason why this happens? Or can someone help me with the correct way to make the automation?

Thanks in advance!

if you could share your document or atleast screenshot of your automation rule, it would help.

Oh, I forgot that, @Krunal_Sheth .
This is a sample of the original one, i have some private info that i cant share so i made this sample.

Also, the rules am using are these two:

ADD RULE: https://pasteboard.co/IxdeVkM.jpg

MODIFY RULE: https://pasteboard.co/IxdffkC.jpg

Sometimes it add correctly once on the View Section. But others, it adds 3-4-5-6 times the same arrow on the View and I dont understand why.

Dear @Andoni_Arco_Trujillo

To my opinion you cause a chain reaction because the first rule=> “rule” triggers “rule2” and “rule2” triggers the first rule => “rule”

Rule: When row change in “table one”, if true, add row ViewE1
Rule2: When row change in “ViewE1”, modify row in “table one”


:bulb:I suggest to review the logic you want to accomplish with thee rules.

If needed feel free to share, to get support from the community or Codan’s

Success :handshake: