Having statistics on tables

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Trying to do some POC and I’m having troubles having statistics over my table
I have some dummy customer tasks table and I managed to put all the info I wanted

The thing is that now I want to have bunch of statistics on this table, but not sure how to accomplish that
I’m positive I’ll need to create separate table(s) to hold the numbers, since I couldn’t see any sophisticated calculation options on the column level [the ones at the bottom]
2 things I want to focus are:

  1. I want to have a bar chart representing how many tasks did I get for each tag per sprint - The problem is that the chart doesn’t split the multiselect values [even though they are lookup to a separate table]
    So task #3 is having 2 tags, but on the chart they are considered to be 1 tag

  2. Calculate the percentage of tasks per sprint based on tags - E.g. In “Sprint 1” 100% of my tasks were “discovey_review_process” and for “Sprint 4” I have 50% of the tasks with “discovey_review_process” tag and 50% have no tags at all

I feel like this is just the start, but I’m not sure what is the best approach here

Thx! : )

Dear @Oron_Subayi,

It would be great if you shared your dummy doc, so somebody in the community will be able to assist to the point :construction_worker_woman:t5: :building_construction: :construction_worker_man:t5:

Hey : )

Would love to, but as you can see I covered a specific column which contains real emails of my friends
I can try and have some copy of this table hopefully I have enough capacity on this free version of the product

Dear @Oron_Subayi,

Of course not a good idea to share real email addresses.
Could be replaced in a text field with something like person1@mail.co, person2.mail.co, …

I don’t see a way to share only this page : /
I think I managed to create a new doc with this scenario

Dear @Oron_Subayi,

Please would you mind to update the sharing settings.


Hey : )

Hey @Jean_Pierre_Traets : )
All people are able to edit automatically when added to the list

Is there any other place?

Here is a link to the doc just in case:

Added the other way as presented in the pic:

Dear @Oron_Subayi,

Please have a look at this copy of your sample.
Kindly have in mind that in your questions the sample conclusion was not correct, as you have 2 instances of sprint-1!

Hey @Jean_Pierre_Traets!
Thanks for trying this out
Sprint 1 appearing twice is not a mistake…there are 2 other sprints showing multiple times : )
It means that these 2 tasks were managed to be closed in sprint-1

Not sure I have write access to your demo - may you give me permissions so I can take a look at the formulas there to see if this is the thing I was looking for?
Cause the charts themselves are saying how many tags I have per task and for each tag, in how many sprits it appeared
The question I’m trying to solve is for each sprint [so sprint is the horizontal axis] show me the amount of tasks per tag
So like me you managed to kind of split per tag OR split per task [and in my case split by sprint], but i feel like this questions requires splitting by tasks sprint and for all the tasks for each sprint there should be another split by tag - hopefully i’m right LOL

Dear @Oron_Subayi,

You have access to the doc, just create a copy to see the formulas.
On Monday I will be able to follow on this in case nobody is able to support.