Help me fix this formula

I want to create a canvas text that Summary of Outflow column (If Date = Today)
But it never show the right way, always =0$

Where did I wrong? please teach me

Hi @Final_For_Love_Final4Love and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Maybe this could work :

[Naked View].Filter(Date = Today()).Outflow.Sum()

(Date being in fact CurrentValue.Date)

This should take you table and look for rows where the CurrentValue.Date is equal to Today() using Filter().
This should return a list of rows from the table and from this list of rows, we access the values in your field Outflow which should be then be summed :blush:

I hope this helps :innocent: !

Jesus, it’s worked eventually. Thank you so much

No problem @Final_For_Love_Final4Love :grin: !

Glad to know it worked :raised_hands: !

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