Help to create a line chart with different overlapping lines based on the year

I have a table with sales data with 3 columns: date (weekly), account, dollar amount. Then I have a line graph showing the sales history with the X axis being the date and the Y axis being the sum amount. I would like to segment the data into years, and have them overlap YoY on the graph.

I have been able to segment the data by years by creating a separate column with the formula below. But it doesn’t overlap the data YoY, it continues on a separate line.


What I think I need to do is create a separate column that reconfigures the Date into only a day & month, but I haven’t been able to figure that formula out. I tried changing the date format to only have day/month, but that didn’t work (the full date is still there, but it’s only displaying the day/month).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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