Hill charts for Coda

If you’ve ever used Basecamp in the past, then you’ve probably plotted your work on a hill chart. It’s a great feature that you really missed when you move your project management to Coda. So we decided to build something that would allow you to:

  1. Create one or more hills (for each task)
  2. Each hill lets you add and move scopes
  3. Update points (and optionally provide a written update alongside the point update)
  4. Collaborate as a team and/or share and embed hills publicly

Just paste the hill link into a Coda doc, and the hill appears in an iframe:


As with anything we make internally, we usually try to make it public at some point. If you’re interested you can try it out for free here: https://hillchart.app


i love hill charts for their pure simplicity yet highly intuitive representation of progress.

i never have to explain what they mean. people just ‘get it’

thanks for making this possible

i cant wait to get back to using them again



This is amazing! I can’t thank you enough for sharing this tool. I have missed the Hill Charts from Basecamp in my project management docs.

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Just got word of a little issue with embedding the links using the embed command. We’re working on making sure that works, but in the short term you can force it by using the formula command as a workaround:

Embed("add hillchart share link here", force: true)