How can I add an offboarded member back to my work space?

I’m the workspace admin and accidentally offboarded a member from my workspace, now I want to add them back but seeing Error saying that “this user has been offboarded by an admin and cannot be added back to this workspace”
Anyone can help with this?

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This is something that needs to be solved by the support team.

We saw your ticket come through and everything should be taken care of now.

I have the same problem, one employee re-joins the team after leaving for a couple of months. Logged in via Gmail, he uses the same email as before but NOT being able to be added back.
How do I create a support ticket?

Hi @Nghi_NGUYEN and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

To answer you question, you can contact the awesome Coda Support through Intercom by clicking on the big question mark (?) at the bottom right of your screen when you’re in a doc or in your workspace :blush: .

Then, in the menu, simply select Get support

All that’s left is to click on Send us a message in the menu :blush:


Thanks. I’ve sent to the support@ email. Get answered within 12h and resolved. Great product and support service.

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Hi !

I made the same mistake when I started Coda in my company. :grinning:

When someone is leaving you have to “remove” them but not “offboard” them. Offboarding is permanent and needs the intervention of someone from Coda doing the magic for you to able to add them back.

When it happened to me, a Codan helped me bring them back but warned me that it’s not a standard demand so next time I should be more careful.

So don’t worry, someone will help you for this time :grinning:

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