How can I select and copy a field value?

It seems like it is impossible to copy and paste text from a formula field. If you click on the field in an attempt to highlight text to copy, you are greeted with an obnoxious toaster message, to wit:

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 5.13.20 PM

Is there any way to disable this behavior and have the text participate in copy/paste games?

Hey there!

I copy and paste all the time on formula fields. You should just single click on the cell (don’t double click) and use your keyboard shortcut to copy, then paste anywhere you would normally paste text.

Has worked every time for me across multiple browsers and on both Mac/PC

But just wanna put in another plug for a copy to clipboard action usable in buttons!!

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Hi Scott!

Thanks for the reply.

Here’s an example:

Any variation of click on the BRANCH NAME (a formula field) is greeted with the attendant popup.

Card view is even worse, since the card immediately goes into drag mode regardless of where you click on it.

I copy text from formula fields all the time as well. It works best in ‘Table Display’ view. Here you can simply single click the cell and press ctrl-c

It also works in the Detail View, however, as in your image, you do get an error pop-up. You can still copy the text however by doing the same: clicking in the whitespace to select the formula field (it will get a grey box around it as in your image, and the error will pop up) and pressing ctrl-c

This only works to copy the entire text field, and you cannot select just one part of it. I would love if formula columns displayed selectable text though this is currently not the case. There is also a feature request to make a formula that could copy stuff to clipboard with a button: