How can I use AI to prefill a column based on another column automatically?

For example, I have a column called “Problem” and have a column called “Solutions” which I have AI enabled to listen to the content of Problem with the following prompt “Suggest a corrective action @Problem.”

Unfortunately, all I see is loading animation in the Solutions column whenever I put something in Problem. I have to go to “edit layout” then select “edit AI” on Problem before I can select Fill.

How do I automatically fill the Problem column?

Hey @Kenneth_R! In your AI column’s settings, if you toggle on the option to have values refresh automatically like in this screenshot below, it should do what you’re expecting. It can take a minute for AI to write out a solution, but it does come through in my own testing (screencast here!)

Thank you for the feedback and provided screencast. That seems to be set by default. Unfortunately, the form seems to be stuck on a loading animation once all the text fields are filled regardless of how long I wait. The only time I am able to fill the cell is by going to "edit layout’ > ‘edit ai’ (on the stuck AI cell) which will then almost instantaneously provide an answer but then I’d have to manually press ‘Fill’

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