How do I move an existing table to a new document

I have a table that tracks bugs. It’s curently live and sits on an internal doc that serves as our wiki command center.

I have alpha testers who I’m asking to file bugs.

I’ve created a new document for them.

When I create a sync page, they can’t see the table because they don’t have edit access to the internal doc.

When I COPY the bug table to a new document, it loses everything. The last modified date (and by whom), the “age” since created calculation, and the current comments.

Are there ways to MOVE the bug table to a new document with all the meta data so that:

  1. Internal employees can file the bug via our wiki command center doc
  2. Alpha testers can file bugs via a alpha tester doc
  3. Assumption is that the bug table sits somewhere where we can be more flexible with permissions

Hi Vincent! I’m wondering if Cross doc might be a good solution here, with two-way sync enabled. This would allow your alpha testers to file bugs in that table without giving access to the original doc.
Check out these resources to see if it might be a good fit:

I’m going to test it out! I didn’t know there was a pack here, but this sounds perfect.

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