How do you clear a DateControl using an Action?

When I try SetControlValue(overrideArchiveDate, "") I get an error:

Empty value is not a valid value for datepicker control type

How do I set this date picker back to blank?

Why: I have a “date override” field to manually associate some data with a date other than the current date. When it’s set, the items use this date vs. Now(). Great, that works. But sometimes I forget to clear this override field and the next time I use the form I don’t want to ever use the same override. I want it to get set back to blank once the override is used.

Hey Adam - thanks for posting this in our community :slight_smile:

It looks like clearing a date control in this way isn’t currently supported. But after chatting with some folks on our product team, I learned that they’ll soon be changing this. You should be able to do this (using the SetControlValue() formula, just as you have it) by early next week :tada: Give it a try then and let us know if you have questions!

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