How do you edit the list of people that will be suggested in a people picker

I wish I could remove entries from this auto-suggest list.

Common scenario:

  1. in a 1:1 coda I have I’ll mention someone else using an @ tag.
  2. thereafter that person will appear in every picker field in that doc, forever.

I hate 2) in some caes. E.g. I just created a doc I’ll only ever want to tag myself or “David Abbbb” in. However I accidentally tagged “David Aaaaa”. I corrected the mistake, however from now on both David’s will appear in this doc. :cry:

I’m going to delete this entire doc and start over just because of a single mis-selection in this doc.

Hey Adam, are you able to right click and select “Remove from list” so these individuals don’t show up as an option?

NEW remove from people list.gif

Amazing, yes this works. Thanks!