How to add document numeric fields for different orders and jobs

Hi I am stuck on how to correctly do this step:
I have an initial field with a purchase order, which has an auto numeric value in this case starts from 220001.
Within the order order, there are subOrders which are the variable elements of an order. They also work numerically in this case, starting from 001.

For a correct localization, we use a concatenation of both values 220001_001 joining parent and child to speed up the search process, etc…

My concern, is on the one hand, how would it be to correctly make this form to be clean, right now my knowledge only goes so far as to create 2 form tables and then pass them to a master table, but I’m not quite convinced.

I am quite new in Coda and although I try to look for the correct way, I can’t find it.

On the other hand, when generating the database, what would be the logical way to group the elements?

Because as I have seen there are several possibilities, I don’t know what differences they may have in the future.

Thanks for the help to the newbie!


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