How to add two sections in one roadmap line?

Hey coda-lovers!
I’m curious to know how can I create discovery and delivery block in one roadmap line in Coda?
Here is an example:
I can use only Discovery dates or delivery dates, but not both of them.
Thank you!

What do you mean by ‘block’ or ‘roadmap line’? You mean in the gantt chart?

Yep, it’s a colored block in a gantt chart line.
Like this:
Frame 1|486x125

I don’t think this is possible. Each chart is a table ultimately, so you could think that in the Gantt view, each table row would reflect as a Gantt row. You could mash these together with a formula, or use rectangle() to do your own, but generally I don’t think you can accomplish this the way you want, as Coda is currently constructed.

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Thank you for the answer. Hope Coda will add this in future :pray: