How to avoid Save as PDF causing cut images and text?

When using the Save as PDF functionality

sometimes images get cut in half:

as well as text (which can be seen in this this doc):

Any hacks/tricks to avoid this?

Potential Solutions

  1. A page feed / pagebreak character I could pass right before one of those headers (e.g. right before Ford Park Alternative Entrance) [NOTE: Coda team indicates this is a standalone feature request and would need to be evaluated as such)
  2. Pagebreak indicators in my Coda docs. This way I could manually add linebreaks until there were no more cut off images. Hacky, but not too bad, doesn’t require rendering a pdf after every change (which is too slow).

Other ideas?


Hi @Connor_McCormick :slight_smile:
I like you idea of a definition of which content should go in which pages in the pdf, and an interline (like the — string) would be a super good solution!
The next step i’d like would be, once defined those section of the pages, choose dinamically which one i want to export in the pdf and which not.

This would be super useful in generating report or in applying styles or different layout to the pdf’s (i was thinking at a standard basic report vs an advanced one, now you need 2 different pages or some tricky solution, this feature could be a game changer!) :slight_smile:

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+1 this.

Need a way to control line breaks through the page. Or at least have cards etc not being cut in half by a page break.


FYI all,

Discovered that Coda tends to insert page breaks when it cannot fit a Details view into the rest of the running page. So encompassing content into Detail views is currently one workaround to force new pages:


Pretty useful, but I imagine it’s not possible to insert a Details view into the middle of a formula?

No but you can insert a formula into a Details view :slight_smile:

Doesn’t really work in my case. Need to split pages in the middle of a formula

Just another bump to keep this feature top of mind. It’s really important that we can use formulas in pages and still print them to pdf.

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I use the program for invoicing. The invoice is usually 2 to 3 pages long.

Every time I have to create manual line breaks to make the bill look ok. Most of the time, an export is not enough; I have to keep trying to find out how many line breaks are necessary. Since the export also takes a relatively long time, it takes me about half an hour to create a PDF.

I really need a pagebreak function for the PDF Export.

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I guess this thread should really go into the “Suggestion Box” part of forum.

And I also agree there really should be some functionality to insert line breaks on one hand, but on the other also that Coda elements like tables and cards don’t get cut between pages. At the moment a row in table or card can be cut “in half” between pages. This would be huge improvement for people who print or export pages in PDF from the Coda, and it will help for many use cases.

In my company, for example, we are testing Coda to generate reports from production. We have one page with a lot of static text and then dynamic parts that are populated based on table that is tracking production process. To be able to fully automate this we need line brakes functionality, because as it is now we always need to adjust the report based on length of dynamic text and to manually add spaces and split report in 2 or more pages so it looks ok when printing. Same issue with our idea to print guarantee directly from machine database we are currently building in Coda-a.
Those are some pretty simple use cases that would improve tremendously with this option to control where page brakes are.


Dear @Connor_McCormick ,

Would you mind to put this post under “suggestions”?
It’s an important issue to be brought up under the eyes of the Codans

Thanks a lot :relieved:

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Ok, moved under suggestions / bugs. Let me know if it should just be a suggestion instead