How to Catch lookup?

Hi! Are there any ideas or tricks
I have 3 different table:

  1. Vegetable list
  2. Generate random list of vegetable
  3. Catch lookup table

I want to catch all vegetable in Catch lookup table, but its not working for me

Example doc in here:

Dear @Evgeniy_Mamontov ,

I suggest to checkout this post with a similar use-case:

In this way you can categorize each product to either vegetable or fruit and accordingly select the category you need.

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets ! Thanks, but I’m afraid that’s not quite it.
I’m probably confused because there are fruits in the vegetable table as well.
The point is how you can convert a text enumeration of objects, to a lookup

I’m not sure I understood exactly what you were after but I added two columns to your Catch to Vegetable list lookup to show you how. But it really is not optimal.

Could you explain a bit more the flow you are trying to model ?

@Martin_Portevin Oh yes! That’s what i need! Thank you so much!

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