Lookup column - Items custom filter on 2 columns of the same table


I have a catalog with 3 tables: Type, Make, Model.

Here are the columns:
Types: Name
Brand: Name
Model: Name, Type, Make

In a 4th Inventory table, I want the user to select a model. I really only need the Model column.

However, the Model table contains a lot of rows. To simplify the operation for the user, I would like the user to follow 3 steps:

  1. Type selection
  2. Brand selection
  3. Selection of the model with a reduced list automatically filtered by the above steps.

So I added the Type and Brand columns in this Inventory table.
How can I filter the list of Models with 2 Type and Brand columns.

I saw that we could select a filter present.

In my case, I want to filter on 2 columns. So I tried using the custom filters but I’ve been trying things for 2 hours and can’t do it.

Do you have any idea how to create this custom filter?

Hey @Ronald_Diquelou ! Thanks for sharing your issue and the screenshots. Any chance you can share the doc or a dummy-doc with us so we can help out?

here is an example

Hey @Ronald_Diquelou ! Thanks for sharing the doc - Unfortunately the settings are set so that we cannot access. Can you change the permission in the share menu?


I just changed the permissions. is it good ?

Its good! And I think I just solved it for you on the doc

This is the expected output/behavior yeah?

Too good Thank you.

I have the impression of having tried formulas like that but without success.
Even with a column, I couldn’t reproduce the choices offered.

thank you Scott for your help

I will leave this document available. I just change the sharing permissions to keep Scott’s solution

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