How to create a count summary of values in a table?

Hey guys, I have this survey response table where people would share how they found us. I’m using Coda AI to categorize them in the 3rd column here

What is the best way to create a summary (sort of like a pivot table) listing out all the values from this 3rd column (Referral category) along with the count (how many times this value was mentioned)?

Using the filter formula is the way to go.

If you share your doc, i can create it for you.


If your select list doesn’t already refer to a table of options, there’s a button in there to convert your options list to a table. After you do that, you can add a column to options table, and for type, choose referenced by > the first table. This will give you a list of items that chose that option. Then you can add another column that does [the column of things that chose this option].Count()

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