How to filter a table using another table nested in a Canvas column


I have a table (Customers) with a Canvas column named Details that contains a lot of general information generated using a custom template I created.

One of the information in the Details column is a table View (IsAllowedByRegion) where I have a column “status” that informs me if this Customer is allowed to buy in some regions (already filtered using parentRow comparison).

Is it possible to filter my Customer table using the status of my inner table View? Something like an input + button where I select the Region and Status and can filter the Customer table.

You really should not be storing tables in canvas cells. Canvas columns (and any data including tables held within) should only be for unstructured data.

Aka random data you don’t expect to be repeated per row, or have any predictable patterns or structure. This is what canvas columns are for. Or for meeting notes where you need a long long text field.

Instead, store them as linked relational sub tables.

Here’s a tutorial how to set that up generally. Once you do that you can easily filter by these sub-table values.

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