How to filter a table within a Canvas


I have a table containing meetings (rows) and within each row a canvas containing the meeting minutes (with a template based on the meeting type).

Now, within this canvas, I have another table with tasks.
During my meeting I discuss the tasks and modify them (e.g. put them on status ‘Completed’).

In the “Updates” part of my meeting minutes (the canvas), I want to show the tasks table filtered on this condition:
Every task modified after the creation date of the meeting.

Is this possible?

Hello @Steven_De_Beukeleer1 and welcome to coda community !

You can easily do that, here is what I suggest

You’ve got a task table, which is related to MyMeeting table using lookups. In Your meeting table, you should have a “Start Date and Time of meeting” column. Please also create in Tasks table the column “Modified On”.

Using lookups reference in Mymeeting, you’ll get every tasks linked to your meeting, but what you want are just the one modified after the beginning of your meeting, then create a new column “tasks modified after meeting start” and create this formula that will compare Modified On to Start Meeting, excluding “Do Stuff 2” in my example:

Then just display this column as a table view inside your canvas and enjoy !



HI Steven.

I have a set up for that in the below document. It also caters for attendees per meeting, as well as the ability to send minutes using the Gmail pack.

If you have not yet build too much of your doc, this will provide a good basis to start with.


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