How to hide a task for 24 hours?

Hi community,
i want to have a button (in each table row), that pushes a task to the next day, so i can filter it out and it’s not blocking my todo list for the day.

Alternativly hiding it for one day or something like that would be possible as well.

Anybody got an idea?


hi @Isebar_DE ,

Did you consider to use an time based automation that expires after one day?

Cheers, Christiaan

Hi @Christiaan_Huizer, no, but it just checked, the trigger would need to be a button in a column which is not supported yet.

hi @Isebar_DE , functions you can execute with a button, you can execute with an automation.

Yes, I have an idea, actually there are more solutions.
Please share a dummy doc and I will show you


@joost_mineur Great! The table is very simple yet:

Thx for helping!

I can’t follow your answer really @Christiaan_Huizer.

I am confident that @joost_mineur will help you out.
but you need to add a sample doc, not only a screenshot

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@joost_mineur had to create a new account. Here’s the table:

Your column “Old Date” had a function, blocking the button to change it. I removed the function and now the button works as expected, increasing the date by one day.
The button can be blocked if the Old Date is not today.
Your original formula (today) should not be used the way you were using it. If you want an automatic date in new rows you should use something like this:

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Hey thanks @joost_mineur. I am not sure but i think, this is not the final solution yet.

It needs to work this way:

  1. It needs to show all tasks every day.
  2. Only the ones, where i press the button, it should not show for the rest of the day.
  3. The next day, it should show all tasks agian.

I think the dates are not automatically chaging to the next day yet right? Not sure, since i am still quite new to coda…

Hello @Isebar_DE ,
OK - I am not sure I understand this workflow, but:
pushing the button increases the date with one day and sets hide to true. The table filter hides all rows with hide set as true.
An automation turns all rows to unhide (false) at midnight, so the next morning all rows are visible again.
No dates are otherwise set automatically, except for new rows.
Of course, much more can be done, but I don’t know what else you want to accomplish.
The column “hide” can be hidden out of view and it will still work (right click on the column and click on the hid option).
Greetings, Joost

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@joost_mineur Problem solved. This was great help! Thank you very much!

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