How to include dynamic list extracted from table *as text* in a canvas

My customer is a non-profit staffed by psychologists who intervene at schools and meet groups of students. They have meetings spread over weeks and they must keep notes to have the history of what was addressed.

At the beginning of the school year they plan the dates when they’ll be going to each school and capture this in a table [DB Sessions].
They keep notes in a canvas, but it’s a common canvas for all sessions (as opposed to a note per session).
In the canvas they manually entered the date of each meeting in bold as a header, followed by their notes for the day.

To make things a bit easier for them I have created a button that appends the content of the [DB Sessions] table as text that can then be edited:

  [DB Actions].Notes,
    [DB Sessions]
        Concatenate(Date," - ",[Session Name],":",Character(10)) 

But this is not very efficient, as it is a snapshot in time. If they modify the table, the contents aren’t modified in the canvas.

If I had a fixed and known number of rows in [DB Sessions] I could use one formula per row in a Canvas template to insert each row, but I’m puzzled as to how I could do with a variable number of entries. I played with formulas in the canvas " With formula in Canvas template" but of course the outcome is not editable.

How could I dynamically keep each line of the table [DB Sessions] as a text heading in the Notes canvas?

Hi ! :slight_smile:

This will not be helpful at all but… Why don’t they want to write the notes of each session in the session ? ^^’

It doesn’t stop you from adding the details of all the sessions in the school view but it’s so much easier to manage. I think you already have thought of this but I’m curious of the reason why they don’t want that.

Merci Aurélie, fair question. In most cases they write notes in each session, but there is one case where they have many sessions throughout the year around one theme. It would be too tedious for them to go back and open all previous individual sessions to read the history of what was discussed, instead they keep their notes in a single canvas, identifying sessions with a title per date.

Okey, seems strange to me that someone would prefer having to scroll down to the bottom of all the notes than to make one click but I know that sometimes users don’t think the same way :sweat_smile:

For me the best way would be this :

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