How to let non-registered users update my doc?

I want to create a collective table updated with some benchmarks by the users of a 3D software.
The benchmarks measure the performance of certain 3D scenes. The results should be sent to CODA from within the 3D app (which allows python scripting).

How can I let unregistered people to update my doc with their results?
It seems that I can’t use the API because the tokens are personal.
It seems that I can’t use any Coda Form, because you need to be registered to save the values.

Is there any middle service that I can use as bridge to my doc in Coda, maybe?


If you publish an individual form (different from publishing a doc), then anyone can submit information to it regardless of whether they are registered or not.


Oh I see! Thank you.
I’m investigating the Selenium module for python to automatically fill the Coda Form from within the 3D app.

The issue I have with this workflow is that the final user would be required to additionally download 2 separate files in order to work: Chrome browser and chromedriver.
I’m not aware of any other way to perform this kind of simple web-automation.

Another way is to set up some middleware that you’d be able to call from your script and not expose the API token. This could either be an AWS lambda or a Firebase function or anything else that can be triggered by an HTTP request (a webhook), or you can use Integromat / Zapier to set up a similar webhook without coding.

Then you won’t have to spin up any more-complicated-than-needs-to-be Selenium process for this, just send an HTTP request with the data.


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