How to open link to coda doc with iOS app?

I want to use shortcuts app (in-built iOS app) to save icons of specific coda docs in my iPhone (You can imagine these icons working as bookmarks to open specific URL. In this case, coda doc URL). Ideally the way these icons should work is, I click on the icon and it should open that specific coda doc in coda app.

I have such icons for Airtable and they open that specific Airtable doc in Airtable iOS app.

But when I use these icons for coda now, they merely open the coda app instead of opening that specific doc inside the coda app.

P.S. As coda do not have widgets for iOS (unlike Notion), I thought I can use ‘shortcuts app’ as a workaround to open coda docs directly. But even that is not working with coda. Because of this I switched to Airtable and some times Notion.

I use web shortcuts on my iPhone to open the apps directly. I use Shortcuts to create tasks and notes in my coda doc with webhooks. That’s how I get over the lack off widgets etc.

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Wow how do you do that?
Can you share any YouTube video link from where I can learn? I am non-technical person.
I don’t want to create tasks or notes directly. I just want to OPEN specific doc without having to navigate inside the coda iOS app.

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It’s Safari, but “Add to homescreen” keeps the icon and opens the page like an app—though it’s navigable, as usual.

Well, I tried this and it does open in coda app but the app requires me to sign in. Even though I am already signed in into my account in coda app.

Didn’t catch that. Could you explain in a different way?
Also please read this:

It is a different app and you just need to sign in once. Once you do it will open the app.

Got it. Thanks it kinda works.
There is one small problem: Once the doc opens, if I navigate to a different page, it again opens up in safari.

  1. Need to swipe left (from left side of the phone) to open that safari page in app. Or
  2. Click on safari icon (right most icon), it opens up in safari but this time at the top, you see ‘open in coda’ button. Once you click that button, the entire doc (along with all the pages) become accessible in coda app.

But I think, I’ll adjust with this small problem and start using coda instead of Airtable.

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