IOS doesn’t load properly from Safari Home Screen icon

Bug on launch:

When you save your Coda home doc page to a Home Screen icon from inside Safari (because the mobile experience is such a pale shadow of the browser version.) instead of loading the page with the properly cached auth credentials, it takes you back to a log in screen with no browser controls. With two factor plus Google log in, that turns into 6-7 steps and 20 seconds of delay for something that should be instant with one touch. Very frustrating.

This happens even after deleting the Coda app.

Oddly, if you just click on a bookmarked link from within Safari, it loads the proper doc page with no problem.

Anybody found a work-around? Fix from the Coda team?

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Hi @phillip_alvelda,
Thanks for reporting this issue! Our team has tested this and has identified it as a new bug. We’ve filed a report with our team for further investigation. Please let us know if there are any new details or updates that arise, so we may add them to the report.

I’ve opened a support ticket with your information & we’ll be sure to update you once a fix is released! Apologies for any disruption that this may be causing in the meantime.


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