How to prevent sleep mode on android devices

The following is a bit off-topic, but maybe someone has a solution for the following: when using Coda on an android device, at some point the screen turns black. This can be after a set number of minutes (1,2,5, 10…up to 30 on some devices), but it will go black. I have only seen one device where you could set ‘never’, all the other ones go dark. A swipe is often enough to get things back to live, but the doc needs a while to update if things have been changed in this doc (on another device).

My question: would there be a way to:

  1. keep the Coda app updating the doc while the device is in some form of sleep mode, or
  2. is there a way to prevent the device to go dark/sleep mode while Coda is active (longer than the standard settings allow). For my devices some sort of hardware hack would be fine too, because we only run Coda on these devices.

I know there must be a way to keep the device active, because I have a navigation app that keeps active and on the foreground no matter how long the trip takes.

If this type of thing can only be done through an option in Coda, if that’s the case I will have to move this posting to the wish-list.

Just in case you are wondering: we use Coda as a sort of dashboard with real time monitoring of processes and statistics without ever touching (some of the) device(s).

Looking forward to some feedback,
Greetings, Joost

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Dear @joost_mineur,

As a way around and not depending on the development of the application I suggest to check:

And / or to install an app like this

The main problem under Android is that there are many differences between brands and versions.

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