How to remove all "chartjunk" from bar chart?

Hello everyone,

I am new to Coda and just made an account a little over an hour ago but I have used other tools for data visualization before like MSPPT, R, Python and Excel so please excuse any unfamiliarity with Coda functionalities.

As the title asks, I am wondering if anybody knows how to remove “chartjunk” and if you don’t know how, can you please direct me to someone who does.

Desired Chart: Horizontal Stacked 100% Bar Chart with only one bar and four partitions.

To be a bit more specific, I would like to remove the all axis titles, axis labels and chart grid lines from my bar chart. As well as that, I would like to add centered text labels to each partition and avoid the problem of partitions being too small for labels to display by rescaling the chart itself.

To accomplish the latter part of the aforementioned changes, I thought of two options of which I prefer option 1 because this chart is going on an A1 infographic poster so I am trying to minimize chartjunk and go for a simple, clean, efficient, effective and intuitive design. Please find the two options below and let me know if there is an even better or optimal solution.

Options 1: Add centered text labels and rescale.
Option 2: Use legend instead of having labels.

I can provide an exact description of what I want to produce if the above is not good enough.

I have already created the horizontal stacked 100% bar chart with only one bar and four partitions but I would like to know how to implement the chartjunk modifications as that is the stage I am at now. The chart is linked to a small table with 4 rows and 3 columns. I am trying to make the centered labels appear as the 2nd column which includes four cells with a word in each one but the chart is using values as the centered text label instead.

Table Columns
Column 1: Category
Column 2: Segment
Column 3: Value

I can only upload one image in each post currently so I am uploading the HSBC100% option 1 version.

Please find attached image of my current attempt at option 1.

Thank you for reading.

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to assist me with this.



Perhaps one of these packs can help you?



Hi Joost,

Thank you for your speedy response.

I reviewed the QuickChart package Coda webpage then went directly to their website. It is a level of abstraction lower than I need to go which should in theory offer me the flexibility and control that I am looking for but I couldn’t find the settings to change the chartunk.

I managed to find a workaround in the meantime which is not exactly what I want but is admissible.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Please find attached an image of my workaround.



Hey @wiknwo, welcome to the Community!

Not completely sure what you need. If you could provide some sort of a sketch / mockup, that’d be very helpful.

Kinda sounds like what you need are simple concatenated rectangles. Maybe this old trick will do the job? (see replies too, for inspiration)

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