How to remove former employee access's to a doc?



We need to remove the access from a former employee to a doc we are using. The doc was shared as link so I can’t just remove his email account.

I found the option to set a “No access” to anyone with a link, however, this is not saving and the former employee still has access to the doc.


Do you have any ideas on how can I solve this issue?



Can you copy it to a new doc, share that one with the remaining team and then delete the original?

If you’re likely to run into access issues like this it might be worth configuring person-by-person access.

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Thanks for sharing this solution, Nick!

I though about this idea and I believe this would be the plan B (if I can’t find another way to solve it).


Hi @Wilson_Silva, when you update the document link permission to “No access” that would normally revoke the access privileges of anyone who only had access with the link. There might be an issue here related to G Suite / organization settings and we’d like to look into this more. Please contact us from within Coda and provide the link to the doc in question. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks Oleg! I’ll contact you within Coda.