How to send notification when task was deleted from the table

Is there any formula or automation setting to set up this notification?
Thank you in advance!

hi @Anas_Wongwichit ,

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  • when the delete happens via a button, you can add the action Notify() . In a team plan you lock the page for deletion and allow only for deletion via a button.
  • when the delete does not happen with a button, there is not much you can do directly, but you can as work around (which I don’t like so much) create an other table that keeps count of the number of rows in the main table. You print this value via an automation every hour (for this you need a team plan as well) and once the next value is lower than the previous value, you can get out a notification, but you won’t know which row got deleted.

cheers, Christiaan

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Hi @Christiaan_Huizer ,

This worked! Thank you for your help :grin:


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