How to write numbers in scientific notation

For example, how do I convert 1,234,567,890 into something more compact, 1.23e9 for display ?

If I do this formula =1.23*Power(10,-9), I get 1.23e-9, so Coda is capable of doing scientific notation, but I cannot control the format to get to the example above.

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Hi George

I’m not seeing a scientific notation option in the “number options” for tables (I imagine you looked there as well). Perhaps the best alternative would be to create an additional column that divides your original numeric column by a reasonable number e.g. (1,234,567,890 ÷ 1,000,000,000) = 1.23. From there you could change the name of your new column to indicate that this original number is “in billions”.

I’m interested to see if there any other thoughts from the Community at large.


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