How toompile User Assignments into new table

Hello Codans,

I have many tables, but am looking to compile these into a new table filtered by user. Lets say I have a Sales table and a Production table, and need to compile all the contents of these into another table that just displays all the rows from all of the tables filtered by user (and date or some other row), so that a user can log in and see all their assignments from around all our processes on a single table.

If a straightforward version of this can’t be done, what are some work arounds you can think of using lookup fields and the like?

I’m using Coda to build a fully-functioning CRM bit-by-bit. I have yet to come up with a scenario I haven’t been able to realize using Coda- but I’ve only made it this far with your helpful guidance. Any more help is very much appreciated and put to good use!

Hi Preston,

It s very difficult to provide advice for such a complicated scenario without seeing the Doc you are referring to. Is it possible to share a link to the doc, or to a copy with the confidential info removed.