Http get request using query string parameters

We use NotifEYE which is a temperature monitoring platform with a gateway that gathers data from sensors and sends notifications based on set criteria. I noticed that they have a data push that says

"This sensor can also be configured to export data in real time to a 3rd a is sent via http get request using query string parameters and is sent at the same time the data is received at the server".

I am hopeful that some of you that are experienced with more advanced coding will know how I could accomplish connecting this to a doc where it will send the data rather than me having to go and copy and paste the data periodically. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

Hey Terry, thanks for reaching out! I think you can set something up with our new webhook flow (more on this here: Webhook-Triggered Automations | Coda Help Center) or using Zapier. If you’re exporting data though, I’d expect for a POST request to be sent vs GET. If I understand correctly, I think the webhooks allow you to pull in query strings, then you can set up your automation to assign those values to rows in a table. I haven’t had a chance to fully test out the feature since it’s so new. Let me know what you come up with and I hope this helps as a starting point!

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