I can't edit those "pills" in my formulas

I’m trying to change for example the (B) into an (A) in this formula, but it won’t let me. When I try to click right next to it, the entire pill is selected as an uneditable element. Is there a way to edit them without having to retype everything or copy-paste it into a non-formatted text editor like Notepad?

Wouldn’t it be better if we could simply edit the contents of those pills by writing directly on them?

Hi Cristobal,

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You can edit the pills by clicking to the right of it, and then hitting backspace.


When I do that it just breaks and won’t go back to that pill state

Hi @Cristobal_Alarcon,

am I completely dumb, or do you just have to change the name of the column header :thinking:?


Go to your table and just edit the name of the column. That renames the column and the change will also be visible in your formula…

I actually have both columns, a column with an (B) and another column with an (A). So it would go beyond changing columns names.

Okay, then just select the other column that you want.

When you delete the “pil” and start typing the (correct) column name, the suggestions under the formula editor will start showing the columns (or formulas) that match. Use your cursor keys or mouse to select the correct item and hit tab - and you will have the correct item in your formula. It is foul proof and fast to use.


Do you want to be able to determine a different column in your formula, or do you want to change the name of the column?

To change the name of the column, you need to go to the column.

Determine a different column in my formula.

It suggests formulas yes, but it won’t suggest to create again that pill related to the column I’m trying to reference it to

It becomes a lot harder for coda to suggest references when there are symbols and spaces involved.

You’d either have to start from the beginning of the pill to get the suggested reference, or edit the text and place it in brackets, then Coda will recognize it.

[(B) Multiplicador Cliente]

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Ok, but wouldn’t it be better if we could edit like this? This way we don’t need any extra steps to achieve the same result.

Or maybe double clicking it to show the pill in it’s raw format like [(B) Multiplicador Cliente], highlighted in some way, then press enter to confirm and get back to its pill status.

Yeah, I see what you mean, double clicking it to edit the pill would be nice.

I’ve gotten so used to using the keyboard when editing anything in the formula editor, I rarely ever use the cursor anymore.

Using the CTRL and SHIFT commands to jump around text, highlight and delete can make things really fast. For example, in your case, just using CTRL + Delete to delete the entire pill, retyping it and pushing tab once the proper suggestion shows. Can take 2 seconds. And navigation by holding CTRL and using the arrow keys, or highlighting by using CTRL + SHIFT + arrow keys.

Definitely not discounting your suggestion, it would be nice to have for sure, but personally, keyboard nagivation would still be a whole lot faster for me!


Yes, I agree - and I am missing keyboard controls for a lot of other things too, like saving and closing the large code editor window. But the benefits of Coda outweigh these inconveniences. And who knows, someday, when some of the more important things are taken care of, there might be time to ‘fix’ these UI things as well.