Ideas for how to display data

I have a table that has data being imported into it for event registrations. Columns are: Events [title], Event Date, Status (full or not), Remaining Seats, Max Online [Capacity], [Total] Registered

I’ve put together a very simple card display with some conditional formatting to make it easier to see which events are full. However, I’d LOVE to be able to jazz up the display a little more for my colleagues. I’ve been calling this a dashboard and would love to be able to pull all kinds of information out for them using my “source of truth” table.

I was looking at charts but haven’t figured out IF I could make mini charts for the cards, or a big dashboard that would say things like “50% of events this week are full.” (I haven’t actually figured out what I’d want the dashboard to include but that’s because I’m not sure I can do anything with this setup to make charts)

Dear @agoodman,

I would say have a look in the gallery, while looking for some inspiration.
When you copy the doc, you will be able to see how the builder has generated the chart and adapt your doc.

This is already a good sample to my opinion,


Hi Amanda,

Not sure if it will help in this situation, but I recently learned that it is a lot easier than I thought to query table from the canvas. So for example, you could have a heading “The following events are fully booked:” and then have a formula to filter and produce a list of those events.

Similar with events say less than 50% booked, etc.

So one is not restricted to a table based dashboard.


Hello! Wow, that’s amazing. Thank you for the idea.