IF formula for monthly & annual cost

Hello! I would like to use a simply “IF” statement, to calculate total annual cost based on if something is a monthly, or annual cost.

In this table below, I want to use “Annual Cost” field for a formula. I would like to have that formula check if “Bill Period = “Monthly”” then, multiply Cost*12, otherwise just have Cost = Cost. Does that make sense? Any tips?

Welcome to the community Kerry!
If you won’t have more options in bill period use the formula of the Annual Cost (With IF) Column

If you will have more bill periods you can use the Annual Cost (With Switch) Column or the Annual Cost (With Lookup) Column

Personally I prefer the lookup because it is more scalable, you can keep adding bill periods without changing formulas.


Dear @Saul_MIND_Garcia,

Thanks for the detailed explanations and showing different approaches :handshake:

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this is amazing, thank you so much! I am really enjoying getting to know Coda and understanding how to do these calcs. Thank you again